Organ Quarter Teleport Locomotion update is now live!

Mon 07 Nov 2016

For those of you who have been waiting for more comfortable locomotion options, here it is!

Choose between the standard Analog Touchpad movement and the new (still very early in implementation) Teleport mode. The game has not yet been re-balanced or tweaked for this style of movement, but for purposes of this alpha demo, it should at least give you a taste of what to expect.

In addition, the headset collision system has been completely reworked, so nauseating camera movements while attempting to lean over objects or other general collision issues should now be mostly eliminated. Also, general object interactions have been improved so that it is not so difficult to pickup items.

Summary notes:

  • New Teleport Locomotion mode
  • Fixed headset collision issues when interacting with static objects
  • Fixed headset sometimes getting pushed and sliding randomly
  • Improved item grabbingKnown bugs:
  • If you try hard enough, walls can be glitched through sometimes, and there have been reports of teleporting sometimes leading outside of the playable world
  • The ending credits sequence can have random audio pitch
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