Longterm Goals, Plans, and what to expect

Wed 02 Nov 2016

Hey guys! Thank you to everyone that’s been sharing and saying such positive things about the demo. I wish I could properly express how much I appreciate it, but hopefully that will come across by delivering the game you guys are asking for!

I just wanted to post a basic summary of what I hope you can expect in the full release version of the game. I can’t guarantee every one of these will make it in, but under ideal conditions this is the general mindmap that I have moving forward.

  • You won’t be stuck in the apartments forever. Look forward to more open outside environments where you can catch a breath of stale city smog air
  • Completely reworked locomotion/collision system that doesn’t awkwardly push you around
  • You might not be as isolated as you think. There will probably be other fully modeled characters out there to interact with, but their intentions certainly won’t be obvious
  • You definitely are not as safe as you might think. There will be many new horrible creatures, some of which might be too dangerous to consider killing with just a pistol
  • Thankfully, there will definitely be more weapons. It’s doubtful ammo will be easy to find though, so conserve wisely on the bigger guns
  • Of course, expect many more puzzles that go beyond just simple word riddles
  • Release date Q2 2017 (Probably around April)
  • Play-through length of about 4-5 hours.


Again, thank you to everyone in this awesome VR community!

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