Success! Organ Quarter has been funded on Kickstarter – stretch goal announced

Wed 08 Mar 2017

The  Kickstarter campaign for our VR survival horror experience Organ Quarter is complete, breaking its $6,500 goal with more than two days left on the clock!

In light of this milestone, we’ve announced an exciting stretch goal. At $7,500, a ‘roguelike’ endless mode will be developed and launched for November 2017. The new mode gives players the chance to explore as deep into the Organ Quarter as they possibly can in the face of steadily increasing challenges. Every area, enemy and item will be randomly arranged, giving players a fresh experience every time. The new mode will include a leaderboard where players can compare their performance with friends and challengers from across the world.

The Kickstarter wraps on 10 March and the team are targeting July 2017 for the final game’s launch.


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